Russ Richards Art


Russ Richards is an illustrator/animator from Graham, WA. When he was a young boy, Russ would watch his VHS tapes over and over, stopping and rewinding to try to figure out how the animators created their work. Russ spent his whole childhood drawing and painting. After graduating from Utah Valley University, where he studied illustration and animation, Russ moved to Los Angeles where he worked for several years. One of Russ's favorite projects was illustrating enamel pins for Disney and Hard Rock Cafe. Although Russ has done a variety of work throughout his career, his passion is cartooning. His fans say his style is a cross between Tex Avery and Bruce Timm, who were two of his idols growing up. Russ is known for his hand-painted animation cels, which set him apart from other artists, taking the traditional, lost art of cel painting and putting it back into the forefront of his merchandise. He is also known for his award-winning book "The Secret Life of Ewoks" which now has 4 parts. Despite his commitment to cartooning, Russ occasionally steps out from behind the art desk to commune with nature with his beloved chihuahuas.